In all sphere of life, changes and developments abound, from traditionalism to technology especially in the art sector. In the arts sphere, traditional presentations and expressions have had a huge change and positivity. Traditionally, artists used paint, cement and raw sometimes specially picked charcoal pieces to produce their arts and designs. Also at this time, works produced by artists had to be far in-between depending on the professionalism of the artist.
With technology, the limitations have changed (Some people have opposing sides of thought to the positivity of this change.Granted!).To begin with, a whole new and exciting world and level of creativity is opened for art with digital means and methods for the artist and his art. From keeping clients on a long wait list till one work is completed to creating beautiful, life-like and precise art works at the easy click of a button -or of several buttons - in the Photoshop, CorelDraw or 3D designs and other media mix.

Technology also affords the artist and client time conscience in the sense that they can confidently give and keep appointments. When things of the art were done traditionally, a whole day or more had to be scheduled  for particular art demands like self or family portraits due to the scope of the available machinery(size of the camera) or complete lack thereof,  with technology, everything can be handled within a few hours and from any location across the world.

Art applications and other imaging software designed with technology as self help and learning kits have caused a rise in digital artists their arts and digital business transaction avenues. These days, the digital artist does not have to depend art exhibitions in particular galleries even though it has its purposes and important selected viewings, he can simply showcase their works online through the internet and they get wider attention, references, referrals acclamation and recognition from art lovers and even non lovers. Some artists have embraced technology so much that they are able to provide a store online where patriots pay a token to view and shop their designs. Digital artists are also able to take orders to specifications of clients and even earn more on special requests or modifications on existing art works.

They also take on multiple orders and generic mass productions of their art pieces to sell through local vendors and their online stores. It is important to note that technology has also been a tool of immense development in other sectors like the Medical sectors, business and industry sectors amongst all others, in the art sphere, technology allows for powerfully rendered art works that have boosted the professionalism and increased the relevance of the digital artist in their chosen field and society thereby making the art world larger than life

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