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Content Management (CM) is a software application that allows web sites to be created, edited and maintained by non-technical persons. Using a CM application eliminates 'content bottlenecks' which are created when non-technical staff create content but have to send it to the IT department for publication. Your IT staff, web teams or agencies are consequently released from this time consuming task, allowing them to concentrate on other projects, or saving costs.

Our CM system is called Lychee�Lychee separates web site design (the look and feel) from the content (text, graphics, images etc). This ensures that your company branding and image is retained but allows your content editors to simply and quickly edit only the content on the site.

Non-IT office staff can create interesting and dynamic content such as sales offers, breaking news items and whole new web site sections and pages, editing and publishing them instantly without using an IT resource. This produces a dynamic website with up-to-date content, ensuring that visitors to your site are kept informed and interested, which in turn will make them much more likely to return to your site, buy your products or use your services.

We at Netcentric have been working in the web and the CM marketplace since 1997 and have amassed a wealth of experience and understanding of the needs of our customers. It is with this experience that we have designed and developed Lychee; a 'product' based Content Management System that is easy to implement and use.

We believe that your Lychee investment should include 'Total Ownership'. This means that there are no hidden charges for additional template work, training in proprietary languages, complicated user training. In fact, training a non-technical user how to edit your website only takes 10 minutesLychee is available in four versions and can be purchased outright or leased.

With Lychee, many companies are now able to benefit from an internal website and are setting up an Intranet as a method of managing internal information. Intranets provide a forum for new ideas and sharing information - no more re-inventing the wheel!



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